100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee*

At Virtual Knock we value every client and want you to have a smooth, enjoyable and successful experience selling your property. Our Money Back Guarantee* is designed to give you absolute confidence and peace of mind when advertising and selling with us.

We believe it should not cost thousands or tens of thousands, or in some instances hundreds of thousands to sell your property. We charge a low $29.90 (inc. GST) listing fee that entitles you up to 12 months of advertising on Virtual Knock, plus access to our national buyers’ registry to connect with interested buyers in your area. Chances are you’ll successfully sell within days or weeks depending on the speed that you want to sell at, as the system works efficiently in linking parties together.

Should your property not sell within 12 months of being listed here or upon withdrawal of your unsold property, we offer a full refund on your listing fee if we do successfully refer you to a local agent who then successfully sells your property. It’s a low-cost and hassle-free way to find the ideal buyer for your property.

Virtual Knock understands that from time to time people change their mind and sometimes decide to take their property off the market without further action, and in this instance you can simply remove your listing from the site, however the listing fee will not be refunded to you.

For more information on how our guarantee works and details on how to get a refund, refer to Virtual Knock’s Terms and Conditions. You can also contact our friendly team.

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