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About Virtual Knock

Virtual Knock is a revolutionary site designed to change the way Australians privately buy and sell property.

Sellers may pay thousands to an agent for a connection to the right buyer. But why should it cost so much to simply link people together? The buyers are, and always will be there, but simply have not been given the right tools to find the sellers easily enough. This is where we come in. Our nation-wide and up-to-date registry is free for buyers and very affordable for sellers. You can create listings, save searches and contact others directly from your dashboard. With a 100% Money Back Guarantee*, it’s a smart and hassle-free way to find your next big opportunity – and potentially a great deal too!

From Door to Door: The Story Behind Virtual Knock

Virtual Knock addresses a very real problem in the Australian private property market. Finding private property to buy has traditionally been a hassle, as the only way to find the ideal property is to door knock or post signs or letters in your desired area. In fact, that’s exactly what this young Australian couple did when purchasing their last property. They had bought and sold many properties privately Australia-wide, and loved the convenience, value and personal approach that come with private transactions. After countless enquiry letters and wasted visits, they went from door to door in their preferred area, often being turned away or getting no answer. By a stroke of good luck, one person told them that her absent neighbour was keen to sell, leading to a conversation and a successful purchase. This was a perfectly timed door knock and both parties were very happy with the outcome, however the couple later discovered there had been several other potential sellers on the same street that they hadn’t been able to speak to. This experience had them thinking: surely there should be an easier way to buy or sell privately?

They set about designing their own ‘virtual door knocking’ system in which a community of interested private buyers and sellers could find each other from the comfort of their own device. The result is Virtual Knock.

We really want to make a difference to the way real estate is bought in Australia. It’s an amazing thought to be able to sell your property without any agents’ contracts, time frames, commissions or opening your home to total strangers. We like to think Virtual Knock is safer, easier, smarter and more affordable than the traditional agent or conventional private methods.

We invite you to register, take a look around and start buying or selling today. Your next opportunity could be just around the corner!

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