Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

How much does it cost to register as a buyer?

It is absolutely FREE to become a Virtual Knock registered buyer and contact private property owners in your preferred area.

Which details must I provide to be a registered buyer?

We require an active email address and a phone number to ensure sellers can contact you with their property details. We’ve found that speaking on the phone gives you a much better indication of what’s on offer and better communication between parties.

Why buy privately?

Buying privately has many benefits:

  • You could negotiate a better deal, as sellers aren’t factoring a large agent commission into the price.
  • You can ask the owner any questions directly about the property.
  • You and the seller can set your own terms and conditions, rather than settle with the standard terms and conditions of the state or territory in which your property is situated.
Why register free as A Virtual Knock buyer?

As a registered buyer your direct contact details will only be made available to relevant Virtual Knock sellers the instant their property is listed on Virtual Knock. That means your perfect property could find you. Of course, you can also send sellers a direct message through your dashboard and initiate contact yourself. Read more

Will my contact details be given to anybody else?

We take your privacy very seriously, and your contact details will only ever be given to Virtual Knock sellers whose property accurately matches your search criteria. No other sellers will receive your details outside your criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

Are there any hidden costs?

We believe in honesty and transparency, and our system has no hidden costs. Buyers pay nothing and sellers pay a fee of $29.90 including GST to list on our site and access our buyer’s registry for up to 12 months.

Can I list my property on Virtual Knock and through an agent at the same time?

The answer is yes, but we would encourage you to try Virtual Knock first and see just how rewarding it can be to sell your own property while potentially saving a fortune in the process. We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee* for your peace of mind.
If you do decide to sell through an agent at the same time, we suggest signing a sole agency agreement rather than an exclusive agency agreement. A sole agency agreement grants you, as the owner, full rights to find a buyer yourself – plus, if you do, you owe no commission to the agency. We find that this system encourages agents to work harder and faster for their money, while you’re free to use any means you choose (such as Virtual Knock!) to find your ideal buyer. We have created the correct form that is free to download from our Forms page, so please ensure this form is attached to any agency agreement first before signing their agreement to ensure you keep your rights to sell your own property.

Do I need a For Sale sign to sell my property?

While signage can still help to present your property to the right market, it’s certainly not vital these days. The vast majority of property traffic these days is generated by people looking at listings on the internet. Virtual Knock provides a simple and effective way to advertise and find active private buyers online, backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee*. This process is so effective you could sell your home privately without your neighbours even having to know. That being said, signage can still be very effective in the right area depending on your location, the type of traffic that would be passing your sign and whether you are legally allowed to erect such a sign (as some properties such as apartments do not allow signs to be displayed). If you think signage is worth looking into for your property sale, our Preferred Contacts may help you find a sign writer in your area.

Do I need to pay commission?

You will never be charged any commission to sell your property on Virtual Knock – all you pay is that simple listing fee of $29.90 (GST inclusive) for up to 12 months.

How do I know if Virtual Knock is the right place to advertise?

We are here to provide Australians with a website that’s quick and easy to use, and we keep Virtual Knock streamlined so buyers can focus on what matters – your property. We also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee* to ensure you can sell with confidence.

How do I know what my property is worth?

Setting a price for your property can actually be quite simple. The best way is to go off recent sales in your area (the more recent, the better). In fact this is typically how banks and agents set prices when selling on your behalf. Do your research: compare your property with properties that have similar land sizes, building types and inclusions. Never underestimate the value of your property, but do understand that prices can increase or decrease depending on the demand from buyers in your area.

One thing is for sure: the buyers will always be there – they just need the right tools to be able to communicate with sellers directly. Here at Virtual Knock that’s exactly what we offer.

How is payment made?

Payment can be made via PayPal, which offers 128-bit encryption (the highest level commercially available) for the safety of your information.

How long will my property be listed for?

Your property will be advertised here until it is sold or withdrawn from sale by yourself, for up to 12 months. If your property has not sold within 12 months, the Virtual Knock team will be in contact with you to discuss further options. If you wish to continue advertising on Virtual Knock after this time a re-listing fee will apply.

How much does it cost to be a Virtual Knock seller?

As a seller, you will pay a listing fee of $29.90 (including GST) for up to 12 months of connections and advertising on our site. Using your private dashboard, you can create your property listing, upload images and descriptions, and edit your ad as many times as you like.

I have agents always bothering me even though they know that I want to sell privately on Virtual Knock. How do I stop them?

Simply contact us and let us deal with them. Agents know the laws that they must uphold to keep their licence, and with any complaints they will be dealt with by the correct authorities in their jurisdiction.

Is it hard to sell property myself?

The simple answer is NO! In the past the hardest part was finding interested buyers for your property, and Virtual Knock now makes that process simple and fast. In fact, we believe selling your own property is as easy as showing the right buyer through, and 9 times out of 10 the property sells itself. All it takes is your time and perhaps a little negotiating to reach your perfect result.

You stay in control as the owner in a private sale, so you can decide who you want to view your property and when, as well as determining terms and the final selling price. Virtual Knock recommends that you sight the proposed buyer’s driver’s licence for ID purposes prior to the inspection of your property. We also recommend that you secure the services of a legal representative to structure the final agreement, however you can complete this step yourself legally if you so choose.

Is it legal to sell my property myself?

Yes, it’s completely legal to sell your own property in Australia. Please note that if you are selling in NSW or the ACT (even through an agent) you are legally required to have a Contract of Sale of Land available before you can advertise anywhere to sell. Other states and territories have their own legal requirements.

What happens if my property doesn’t sell on Virtual Knock?

At Virtual Knock our main aim is to get your property sold quickly and easily. In the case that your property doesn’t sell within 12 months or if you choose to withdraw your unsold property, we offer a full refund on your listing fee if we do successfully refer you to a local agent who then successfully sells your property. We expect that your property will sell quickly and will make contact with yourself to discuss your options if this is not the case.

Why sell on Virtual Knock?

Virtual Knock provides you with a simple and flexible system that connects you directly with private buyers who are interested in exactly the type of property you’re selling. It couldn’t be easier or quicker to find the perfect opportunities for your sale. Virtual Knock could also be considered the safest way of selling today as you, the owner, are always in control of the sale and know exactly who is inspecting your property. Plus, there’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee*. With our system, you have virtually nothing to lose and everything to gain. Read more

Why sell privately?

Selling privately has many benefits:

  • You stay in control the whole time, setting your own timeline and price.
  • You can avoid paying thousands in commissions to an agent, instead paying just a listing fee of just $29.90 including GST to find buyers on Virtual Knock.
  • You can be sure of exactly who is viewing your property as you have their direct contact details. Your home insurance policy states that if you invite people into your home (via open homes or inspections) that you are responsible if anything goes missing, as you have allowed them in. Through Virtual Knock people are much less likely to steal from your property as you are present when you show them your property.
  • You and the buyer have the flexibility to set your own terms and conditions, rather than settle with the standard terms and conditions of the state or territory in which your property is situated.


I Have Other Questions About Buying or Selling. How Do I Find Answers?

The team at Virtual Knock are experienced and knowledgeable in regards to real estate and would be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can contact us on 0421 556 653 or email us at info@virtualknock.com.au at any time.