Our Services

Our Services

Virtual Knock’s services are designed to help you easily sell or buy property privately.

Advertising Products

If you wish to use a For Sale sign, which is certainly not necessary with Virtual Knock’s comprehensive online listing and contacting process, our Preferred Contacts may help you find a sign writer in your area.

Home Loans, Inspection and Contract Services

Sometimes the right professional is vital to the buying or selling process. Virtual Knock has a list of preferred contacts to assist you in your search for the perfect opportunity. Whether it’s legal contracts you need, building and pest inspector or a mortgage broker, simply head to our page of Preferred Contacts.

The team at Virtual Knock is here to help and available at any time on 0421 556 653 or 02 4647 6886. If we are taking other calls, simply leave your name and number and a representative will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively you can email us on info@virtualknock.com.au.

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