Why Sell with Virtual Knock?

Virtual Knock makes it simple and affordable to sell your property privately. We believe selling your own property is easily achievable if you are given the right tools. You don’t need to spend much to market your property – you just need the right buyer. With our system you can:

  • Create your own professional listing from your personal dashboard.
  • Receive direct contact details for ready and relevant buyers.
  • Keep the focus on your property, thanks to the site’s streamlined design.
  • Stay in control of the process, choosing who views your property and when.
  • Negotiate your own sale price, cooling off periods and terms of sale.
  • Choose your own selling pace and style.
  • Advertise to our buyers’ registry for just $29.90 including GST.
  • Pay no additional advertising costs, commissions or fees to Virtual Knock.
  • Feel absolute peace of mind with our 100% Money Back Guarantee*.

What you need

The following will help you sell your property privately:

  • A detailed and well-worded description of your property to give prospective buyers a great idea of what’s on offer, including crisp clear photos.
  • Within NSW and the ACT, you are also required to have a Contract of Sale of Land before you begin to advertise your property; a rule that does not currently apply in other Australian states and territories.
  • A legal representative such as a conveyancer or solicitor to help you set and record the sale price and terms, and create a legally binding contract.

Taking Photos

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and this has never been more accurate than when selling property. It’s worth taking some time to choose images that will entice buyers and communicate clearly. Go for clear, high quality photos that highlight the best features of your property on your listing. There’s usually no need for editing if you use as much natural light as you can with a decent quality camera. An evening shot with interior lights on can also be very effective, as it makes a home look warm and inviting.

While it’s not vital, you could consider hiring a professional photographer to ensure your listing makes a great first impression.

Do I Need Signage?

Virtual Knock is extremely effective in targeting active buyers in the right area, and you can advertise, connect and communicate right here on this website with a 100% Money Back Guarantee*. It’s now simple to sell privately online; in fact, you could sell using Virtual Knock without your next-door neighbours even knowing. Chances are there won’t be a need for external advertising, however if you wish to purchase a For Sale sign to boost the exposure of your property, our list of Preferred Contacts is the perfect place to start to help you find a sign writer in your area. Buying signs locally will help keep postage or delivery costs as low as possible. We suggest checking your local rules and regulations before ordering signs as some types of properties (such as apartments) cannot have signage on display in most instances.

Join the private property revolution! Join Virtual Knock today to advertise your property and invite offers from prospective buyers in your area with no contracts, no deadlines and no pressure from agents!

Start Selling!